Captive Content provides the ability to leverage a captive audience to quickly build a powerful advertising network. Hone in on your demographic and market directly to them with targeted content delivered seamlessly to all of your devices.

How It Works

Create a captive audience with richly interactive content that is both enticing and informative.

  1. Build a network of devices to reach your audiences using our hotspots, tablets, and wallboard devices.
  2. Develop custom branded content and advertising.
  3. Schedule campaigns to reach your designated audience at peak times.
  4. Leave the rest to Captive Content!

Supported Content Mediums


Our proprietary Android Application can be installed on all standard tablets - turning them into e-readers, presentation tablets, or handheld kiosks.

Digital Wallboards

Our custom touch enabled display devices can be connected to larger screens via HDMI to create interactive digital wallboards, signage, or Kiosks.

Wi-Fi Solutions

Looking for niche solutions using Wi-Fi? Check out HotspotRx powered by Captive Content.

Captive Content Features


Fully Custom Content Design Support

Take complete control of the customer brand experience with support for fully custom HTML5 microsite designs.

Don't have a design? Simply start with one of your templates and customize to your liking, or have our talented designers personally pull together your content for you. When you're ready simply upload your content to create an instant publication!


Schedule Publications to Targeted Audiences

Schedule publications to selected audiences.

Get the most out of Captive Content with targeted campaigns. Select a campaign to display your publication to your entire network, or select specific locations that display your publications during specific times.


Use the Power of Analytics

Each microsite is sprinkled with analytic events that monitor usage and provide insights into your user behavior.

Use our analytics tools to determine user interaction and reach of your content and campaigns. Access reports generated directly from our analytics engine, or mirror events to your Google Analytics and Double-Click account for user interaction transparency.


Increase Advertising Revenue

Increase your advertising ROI, or build a new marketing business.

Use targeted advertising, captive audiences, and technology to increase the value of your advertising spend. You can purchase advertising space on our existing network of devices, or build up your own network to sell advertising space.

About Captive Content

Promote your business, advertise your products and services, or bring educational value to your users. With Captive Content, the creative possibilities are virtually limitless. 

Captive Content is a service that takes a custom microsite (miniature website) and fits it with complex tracking tools, then assigns that microsite to display on selected devices.  Key user interactions are recorded, allowing us to build an overall profile of user behavior.  Reports are provided detailing the user reach and performance for content. 

Never lose your audience to poorly implemented user experiences again.  Leverage captive audiences to grow your base and take your business into the 21st century with intelligently designed content microsites with built-in analytics.

Contact Us

Think outside the box. We love niche solutions, and would love to help.

Do you have a unique need to communicate with users as a captive audience? Are you working in a location that has no internet connectivity? Do you have an idea to leverage captive audience outside the norm? Contact us with your ideas and let’s talk.